The warmth of a hug, the freedom and the softness of a Cloud.

You who are always cold, discover your perfect cocoon.

What's the perfect cocoon for you?

It's this perfect cocoon that keeps you warm with our Sherpa fleece. It's like a hug that never stops, on cold and icy mornings, or in front of a good movie or series with popcorn.

It's this perfect cocoon that gives you a unique feeling of softness and comfort with our ultra-soft flannel fleece.


The warmth of a cocoon, the freedom of a cloud, the perfect cocoon.

With its extra-large sleeves you will be free of your movements. The giant and warm hood allows you to be immersed in this cloud of softness and warmth. And finally with the huge front pocket, you can carry your iPad or food around to find the best to chill (or work).

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No matter what you do, you will be in a cloud of softness and warmth.

Don't feel like going out? Now you've got something to stay warm and comfortable all day long while watching your favorite TV show or a good movie alone, with friends or family.

Looking at the stars and enjoying a good campfire? Wear your Perfect Cocoon and enjoy a good time without worrying about the cold.

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Wearable Blanket | Perfect Cocoon™

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Frequently Asked Questions

It can be machine washed in cold water, preferably air dry. 

About 112cm in length and 80cm in width.

We usually take 1 to 3 days to prepare the order at this time, due to the success of our Perfect Cocoon.

We deliver between 5 and 10 working days.

Yes! We are sure you will love your Perfect Cocoon! But if you don't, then you have 30 days to let us know and we'll refund your money. 

Yes! And you know what? Your PerfectCocoon is guaranteed for 2 years! If anything happens to it, we will replace it.

If you went through our entire checkout process and confirmed an order we may be unable to cancel it. This is due to our system immediately sending your order through to our fulfilment partner. This system allows a very fast delivery service to our customers. However if you do need to change or cancel an order please email us immediately with the subject line CHANGE or CANCEL and we will do our absolute best to carry out your request.

Please keep in mind due to the current high volume of orders and customer service requests occasionally an order will be processed before the team has a chance to change it. We cannot guarantee a change of order after the order is placed so please select your items carefully.

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We are based in France, in a small town called Lognes. We have warehouses in Europe, Asia, and soon in the USA. 

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Who are we?

Hey ! My name is Chris and this is my wife Marie. I am always warm and she is always cold, even in the summer! One day I got tired of hearing her say "it's too cold here". Knowing that in addition she steals my own sweaters!

So I asked her: "Marie, what do you need to stop being cold at home without stealing my clothes every time? And without turning on the heat and giving me hot flashes!"

She said, "Chris! I want something that keeps me warm, that allows me to move freely, as opposed to just a plaid lying around on the floor, and I want it to be soft! ». My answer to her need: The Perfect cocoon! I hope you will appreciate it as much as my wife does.